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Passionate about giving to the arts?

Why not give to an arts organization that gives back. Loiter Galleries is a non-profit pop up collaborative that supports underserved local artists while beautifying dark, empty storefronts with vibrant, local art and community exhibits.

So please, join our mission, set an example and become an advocate in placing the arts back into its
rightful place in our community

Our Values

The Problem We’re Trying to Solve 

Due to the Pandemic and recent global events that have affected the economy, Long Beach along with other cities, have experienced an increase in business vacancies. In addition, the artist community has been hit especially hard during these unprecedented challenging times.


The initiative proposed by then Vice Mayor Richardson and others seeks creative solutions to “increase tenancy and enhance vibrancy in the Downtown community.”

How your donation makes a difference

The Loiter Galleries will earmark several vacant storefronts here in Long Beach for conversion. Our proposal includes:


  • Supporting disenfranchised local artists in myriad ways. This support includes providing affordable gallery space, marketing and creating engagement for their work and hosting their exhibit. 


  • Secondly, these spaces will also be able to house local artist’ workshops and residencies. We will work with successful organization partners to provide art education for students, those who have experienced hardships and homelessness and veterans and other civic minded projects that serve the Long Beach community.


  • Creating presentation window art exhibits that will display local art to the public. This art will be easily viewed from the street.


  • Services include: Clean up and preparation of the vacant space, space management, art curation, insurance for the spaces and staff employment.


Your donation will go directly to expanding the Loiter Galleries mission that far exceeds the offerings of traditional galleries.

Thank you in advance. As a non-profit we are able to operate with the support of those who believe in the arts. 
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