About Loiter Galleries 

During the recent riot that occurred after the protests in honor of George  Floyd , we individually and gallery sustained injuries and damage . 

We refused to stand still and quietly watch our dream be destroyed . I as a black woman along with my partner worked so hard to dream and build a place where artists can always find a home with us. So we took matters into our own hands and assembled a small crew who were more than willing to help us stare directly into the face of the looters on Sunday night confronting each and every one who were hell bent on destroying our business.
We fought and intimidated the looters for 3 hours , sustaining injuries from rubble bullets and broken glass. Finally taking shelter for hours in the back of our Gallery.
Had it not been for the bravery and support of our little motley crew we would have lost everything we've worked so hard for as well as the collection of a man who has trusted us with being the only gallery to share his work after 40 years.

As the sun comes up we are faced with rejection from our insurance company and they will not cover our damages .

We would be grateful for anything you can give us to help us repair our space and continue to do what we love.

thank you
Monica and Vinny


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hours: tuesday-friday 5-8  sat.5-9 sun 5-8 and by appointment  (310) 968-1693

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 We take art to heart