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          Moment To Moment 

With mosaics by special guest Piece by Piece

Paintings by Laura Letchinger

Loiter Galleries is sincerely proud to present "Moment to Moment", paintings by local contemporary abstract artist Laura Letchinger with mosaic works by her special guest, arts nonprofit Piece by Piece. Working in Skid Row and South Los Angeles for over a decade, Piece by Piece empowers residents who have experienced homelessness by introducing them to the world of mosaic art.


Although Letchinger regularly works in an unplanned, abstract expressionist manner, during covid she soon felt like glass being shaped in fire . . . expanding and stretching, pulled towards something new yet undefined, and letting it happen moment to moment. The stark contrasts evident in these past few years are undeniable, differences that inevitably ended up in over 20 new paintings, large and small, bound together by the constant of hope.


Piece by Piece artists will exhibit their one-of-a-kind mosaic artworks, as well as their next collaboration with Letchinger. From small tabletop pieces, sculptures and wall hangings to numerous expansive indoor and outdoor public art murals, this highly creative community breathes new life into recycled materials and the spaces that display them.


Loiter Galleries is a non-profit organization that supports both established and underserved artists with affordable exhibit space. All three participants of this show are like-minded, kindred spirits who support artists in need and strongly believe in the healing properties of art.



Laura Letchinger
60"x 72"x 1.5"
oil on acrylic on canvas

December 3 2022 -Janurary 7 2023

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