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May 25th: Joy of Color Art Exhibition

  • Group Art Exhibition

  • Saturday May 25th, 6-9pm

  • 425 The Promenade North, Long Beach, CA 90802

  • Free as always, Open to the Public

"Joy of Color" showcases 8 local artists from the Los Ruano Gallery. At this exhibition you will find a kaleidoscope of feelings through vibrant abstracts, whimsical pastels, and moody blues.

Starting May 25th, "Joy of Color" will be exhibiting at Loiter Galleries for a month-long show. Los Ruano Gallery and Loiter Galleries have become fast friends and partners due to their shared mission of supporting local artists. "Joy of Color" is more than just a showcase of talent; it is a celebration of community and connection.

Learn all about our featured artists: Amy Hua, Alex Diffin, Andrew Ruano, Eric Artigues, Diego Rafael, Chad Wade, Mike Sedano and Natasha Rindt

Alex Diffin - @alex_diffin

Drenched in creativity from the very core, Alex Diffin has seamlessly woven art into the fabric of their existence, embracing it as both a passion and a profession. Inspired by the vivid hues and playful shapes of American animation, as well as the delightful absurdity found in art that doesn't take itself too seriously, she’s carved out a niche where whimsy reigns supreme.

With a career spanning since 2014, Alex Diffin revels in crafting art that transcends traditional boundaries. From designing craft beer labels to adorning t-shirts with her signature style, each creation embodies a fleeting yet magical essence, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a captivating experience. 

Fuelled by a love for vibrant colors and a penchant for the whimsically spooky, Alex Diffin infuses every project with a dose of enchantment. Her affinity for creating cutouts that seamlessly integrate into the fabric of a wall adds an extra layer of depth to her work, transforming spaces into immersive wonderlands. 


Amy Hua - @amyhuadraws

Yiming Amy Hua, known as Amy, explores emotions and human connection through art. Her work tries to illuminate the spaces between our common emotions in places caught by lost hopes, missing time, and flights of fantasy. Although her work is not autobiographical, Amy’s fascination with these in-between places is partly informed by her own experience of living at the crossroads of cultures and her journey with mental health.


Andrew Ruano - @arystudio

Andrew Ruano a.k.a. Arystudio is a SoCal based artist that has developed a unique style since 2006. After creating a character to ease the pain of a friend in need, his Happy Robot was born. As he developed his character farther in 2012, he found the unique style you see today.

The Ary Robots, as it has been known by, has brought color and joy to collectors locally, nationwide and around the world, including Sweden, Mexico, South Korea, Chile, Sri Lanka. 

His work has been exhibited at the Chocolate and Art Show,  Pancakes & Booze LA, SF & Oakland, Hellada Gallery, The Hive, Resin, Beyond the Lines, Squeeze Art Collective, Expo Art Center’s North Gallery, Patches and Pins Expo, LA County Fair, Pasadena Artwalk, Toy Robot Expo Pasadena, The OC Night Market, Love Long Beach Fest.


Chad “Sorethum” Wade - @sorethumart

Chad "Sorethum" Wade is a visual artist whose known for his charming terrariums.

With acrylics, found objects, and Styrofoam, he infuses his paintings with dynamic 3D effects, delighting viewers with his imaginative creations. Wade enjoys creating dioramas, skillfully capturing fleeting moments in time.

Unbound by traditional genres, he describes his style as a "free form punk pop look," embodying a spirit of boundless creativity and individuality.


Diego Rafael - @‌diegos_vision_

L.A. Artist, Diego Rafael aka "Diego's Vision", loves to bring bold, pops of color and life to the canvas.

Turning all of his visions into reality for everyone to enjoy and that's what fuels his passion -- not only as an artist but also as someone who wants to bring communities of artists together.

He is an artist that has no specific style and loves to tell stories with his art work.


Eric Ategus - @‌eric.artigues

Eric Ategus, a local artist originally hailing from Miami, has found his creative sanctuary in the vibrant streets of Los Angeles. Immersed in the pulsating art scene of the city, he passionately pursues his love for painting, infusing his canvases with a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless elegance of Greek Goddesses and historical masterpieces, Ategus delves into the rich tapestry of Classical and Baroque art. Yet, he is not content with mere replication; instead, he seeks to infuse his works with an "abstract twist," breathing new life into age-old aesthetics. With each brushstroke, Ategus invites viewers to embark on a journey where the past converges with the present, creating a captivating visual dialogue that transcends time and space.


Mike Sedano - @‌mikesedanoart

Michael Sedano is a painter/muralist who was born and raised in Riverside.

Michael has been creating art from the time he was in high school and is currently a full time artist. His artwork has been found in various art galleries such as The Gramercy, Curated Chronicles, and Artist Tree.

He has also been showcased at various coffee shops such as Back to the Grind, Twee, and Goodtimes LB. His murals can be found in Newport Beach, Los Angeles, Riverside, and downtown Upland. In his free time, Michael enjoys thrifting and finding unique items to transform into art. He looks forward to more solo shows in galleries and future collaborations.


Natasha Rindt - @‌tashavision_

TashaVision, is a painter and canvas maker from Southern California. Bright and sunny landscapes have always inspired her, and her art is meant to make you smile and provide an escape from reality.

She's had a paintbrush in her hand for as long as she can remember, and she picked up a saw a few years ago to craft custom frames for canvases. In January 2022, the first Odd Shape was born using masking tape and acrylic to render smooth gradients on one of her uniquely shaped canvases.

Art is not only her passion, it’s also her therapy. It’s her way of literally making a mark on the world, and she hopes to share that joy with you through her chromatic optical illusions, videos, and courses. Let’s teleport to a world of bliss and vibrancy. 

Will you join her on her mission to make the world a more colorful place? Browse the available artworks, take her painting course, or catch her on Instagram, She'd love to connect with you!

The exhibition, curated by esteemed local artists of the Los Ruano Gallery, supported by the Loiter Galleries, and Sponsored by Smog City Brewery.


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