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Witness History in the Making at the Loiter Galleries | New Show Feb 17th

“POWER OF FIVE: THE WOMEN WHO SPARKED THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT,” a series of sculptures by Larry Stokes, will open on Saturday, February 17th at Loiter Galleries in Long Beach. Hours for the show’s opening are 6-9 pm.

This show is cosponsored by Creative Corps, a new program from the Arts Council of Long Beach.

Sculptor Larry Stokes found his artistic calling for this show by plumbing his upbringing in the segregated south. Inspired by the 1955 Montgomery bus boycott, Stokes was moved by the untold stories of four influential women who, along with Rosa Parks, sparked the movement and set it in an unstoppable forward motion.

Before being admitted to Yale University, Stokes’ prior education was in a series of all-black schools in the Jim Crow South. Partly because of his experience, Stokes brings a unique understanding and perspective of the myriad struggles faced by the women, who were so important in the civil rights movement.

“Power of Five: The Women who Sparked the Civil Rights Movement” shines a light directly upon these mostly unsung heroes of 1955. Their courage in defying norms and standing up for justice is a portrait of resilience and strength.

Come witness history in the making at the Loiter Galleries.

No registration required. Free entry.


📍425 The North Promenade, Long Beach CA 90802

⏰ Saturday, February 17th | 6-9pm


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